Case Studies

San Diego EO ACCELERATOR Graduates


Nii A. Ahene | CPC Strategies
CPC Strategy is an advertising agency specializing in retail search, focused on enabling brands, manufacturers, and retailers to grow and to manage sales across multiple direct response online advertising channels.

“Our major challenge was wrapping a vision around our business and then being disciplined about setting achievable goals and milestones around that vision to push it to fruition. The opportunity to network with other business owners facing similar challenges around scale was huge in helping put some perspective against the challenges our business faced. Access to a network of peers, potential mentors, and best practices… absolutely instrumental in helping guide and scale our organization.”


Evan Harris | SD Equity Partners
SD Equity Partners helps real estate redevelopers receive the money they need to fix and flip a home. They pay their investor clients 8-12% interest on their money to build their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

“Our initial challenges were in understanding how to hire, market, and measure our progress of growth. I believe EO gave us a road map to follow and the accountability to stay on track. The program continually had us begin with the outcome in mind. When we asked what would our company would need to do to produce $1 million, we looked to the average revenue per transaction and had a clear number of transactions to complete. From there we measured the numbers of specific activities we performed and how those translated to revenues. It was clear we needed to build a team and hire new expertise. Once we had a clear direction on the activities and the team to perform them, the revenue organically flowed.

If you don’t care about growing your business and creating lasting friendships then this program is NOT for you. If you are sometimes scared, frustrated, but passionate about growing your business and you would value the insights of others and winning together, then this program is for you. If I would have joined the program earlier, we could have worked less, earned more, and had a lot more fun doing it.”


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